Planer-type milling machine, Mario Carnaghi
Table size:4300×1160 mm
Vertical:950 mm.

Horizontal drilling machine W100, TOS Warnsdorf
Spindle diameter:100 mm
Table size:1250×1250 mm
Transversal:1600 mm.
Longitudinal:2500 mm.

CNC horizontal boring machine WHN 13.8B, TOS Warnsdorf
Spindle diameter:130 mm
Table size:1600×1800 mm
X-Axis:3500 mm
Y- Axis:2000 mm
Z- Axis:1250 mm
W- Axis:800 mm

Table indexing:4×90° with Heidenhain digital display
Table load:12 MT
X and Y axis renewed with Turcite

Radial drilling machine RFh 100, Fabrikat
Spindle diameter:100 mm
Overhang:3000 mm.

Ø400 mm x 1500 mm long

Ø800 mm x 2000 mm long

Surface grinder
Table:1000×400 mm

Cylindrical grinder ø350×2000 mm, TOS
(with internal-grinding fixture)

CNC flame-cutting machine PWXYZ, Power Control
2200×6000 mm

Hydraulic plate shears DLB 6/3050, DIGÉP
Plate cutting thickness:6 mm
Cutting length:3050 mm.

Hydraulic seam roll AP 260/4300,
Bending power:260 to.
Bending length:4300 mm.

Plate rolling machine

Forklift truck, TOYOTA
Lifting capacity:1,6 to.
Fuel: gas/petrol.

CO- Welding machines 550A

Welding machine 250A

Welding machine for root weld

Portable grinder, it can be fixed on the production surface

Cranes, lifting capacity 5 and 15 MT
Placed in an industrial shed,
Length: 62 m, width: 2×18 m.

WOLF coating equipment